Convert your venue into an auditorium for a day

The stage box of the theatres does not allow the perfect acoustics for concerts. Esteva has acoustically designed and approved a modular system to erect an acoustic shell that is easily stored. This system allows to adapt to all types and dimensions of stage box and stage mouth with total versatility.

The visual finish of the shell can be in color or wood according to the intended designs.



Wall modules : Structural stabilized towers hold the 3m wide  folding sheets that reduce it to 1.5 m in book type.  Esteva customs the height to adapt to the building requirements  to shape the shell. Finish : aluminum, pvdf painted, wood , etc according to design.

 Ceiling modules:  suspended   panels with  aluminium  structure. Its  suspension foldable arms allow the ceiling to be positioned in its horizontal working position and for storage under the comb in vertical position  .  Illumination integration is welcomed.

Folding and storage system: Esteva has designed the side modules to be stacked pallet type with utility designed to this object.